BAPD - One day later

Can you...

...imagine not being able to cross the street to visit your neighbours unless you wait for 2 hours and ignore the insults some 19-year-old kid - a soldier - throws at you while you wait until he lets you cross?

...imagine waking up in the morning just to find out you cannot go to school anymore because there is a wall separating the street where the school is from your neigbourhood? or that you can't have sport classes anymore because that wall goes through the middle of the school yard?

...imagine getting a warrant stating that your house is going to be demolished after 24 hours, and that you have to move out in that time, because it was "illegally" built?

...imagine that this house is the only place you have, and there is no other place you can move to?

...imagine that this house was built by your Great-Grandfather 100 years ago and is much older than the institution that you were supposed to obtain a permit from before building it?

...imagine not being allowed to walk on the beach right in front of your house?

...imagine not being able to play football, for fear that you could get shot?

...imagine not having any medical treatment, because all roads to the nearest hospital are closed?

...imagine not seeing your husband or wife for months, and your parents for years at a time, because you are not allowed into their city and they are not allowed out?

...imagine never having a passport?

...imagine living your whole life in a tent?

If you can, then maybe you are palestinian.

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Mohammad Badi يقول...

I'm Palestinian but i wont imagine these things because it's hard to think that actually there's a lot of people having more difficult problems but they're still have a lot of faith, they trust god to change this one day.
Even these miserable things, we will not give up, we are the owners of palestine, not thieves like others.
enshallah we will get it back one day, soon enshallah

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